lu sapa mau tanya wa?lu ada gigi lu gosok lu jangan mai tayang gigi lu dekat wa.serupa gigi lu penuh kutu

5 Alfa is now dead
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5 Alfa telah digodam sepenuhnya oleh encik dogoi botak

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 Kael : Invoke the Elements

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PostSubject: Kael : Invoke the Elements   Tue May 05, 2009 12:31 am

This is just my way of playing invoker...
Just to share with you guys...

*Know and memorize at least 4 of invoker skills including ghost walk and any other.
*Each time Quas, Wex or Exort is used, Invoker will stop moving coz it counts as spellcasting.

Early Game:
1. Buy something to boost your hp. Preferably bracer but if you play 5v5 buy other items like gauntlets or ironwood.
2. If can or lucky, get a lane with a melee hero. This will allow you to farm a bit and harass. Make sure you last hit and deny all you can. Visit dota tip/trick by oLdsekuL to know more about last hit and deny.
3. Get items like vanguard and boot(treads/travel/phase) finished to allow you to survive any hero attacks/ambush.
4. Kill any hero if you get any chance, you can get your first skill at lvl 2. Either its Cold Snap(Quas), EMP(Wex), Sunstrike(Exort). KS any if you can, hehe.
5. TRY really hard not to get killed in this part of the game.

Mid Game:
1. By now you could kill many other heroes with your skills. But try going with your ally for safety.
2. Get mana regen and dissable items like Guinsoo or Orchid.
3. You can sell your survivability item like vanguard to buy heart of tarrasque or keep both.
4. Make use of most of your skills in your arsenal. Spam them if possible.
5. Get Supportive Items like Shiva's Guard to help you kill or escape.(can be enhanced with Ice Wall skill)

Late Game:
1. If you play well earlier, you could own anyone by now in the game.
2. Get Damaging Items like Radiance, MKB or Buriza(good if combined with alacrity). Get also some orb/buff items like Skadi or Desolater.
3. Of course, finish the game.

SKILL COMBOS(that i like):
1. Ice Wall/Tornado, EMP, Forge Spirit.
2. Ice Wall, Chaos Meteor, Deafening Blast.
3. Cold Snap, Forge Spirit, Alacrity.

1. Ghost Walk(running or harassing with radiance)
2. Sunstrike(kill any leftovers or KSing)

Final Notes:
Play Invoker and train hard if you want to master him. Try different combos to suit your style of playing. If you can master and memorize all of his incantations, you can exploit his full potential even in 1v5.
Comment me plzz...
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Kael : Invoke the Elements
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